Business in Australia

Why Australia?

We are always in search of stability. In the context of various global events, only a few economies have a claim to the saying that “there is still a heaven on earth.” Among them, of course, is Australia.

A small population, a wonderful climate, world-class cities – and most importantly, confidence: no matter what else happens in this huge unpredictable and highly interdependent world, there is a place where you can be guaranteed to find shelter, reliability, stability and happiness.

Australia is a separate continent. It is always easier for to cope with epidemics, geopolitical issues, natural disasters and other misfortunes.

Australia is very rich in natural resources. For a long time the country lived off the extraction of oil, gold and nickel.

Australia had wisely and quickly moved from dependency on natural resources and began to develop other sectors of the economy. Today tourism and education are a larger proportion of GDP than the extraction of natural resources.

Australia has set another ambitious goal – to become one of the scientific centers of the world. And is already on track to do so. Dozens of world-class scientific institutions operate in the country.

Australia has a stable economy, a robust banking sector, which has allowed it to successfully cope with any number of global economic shocks.

Australia is completely self-sufficient in food production – it grows a wide range of agricultural commodities. At the same time, a significant part of food is also exported to many countries in the world.

Australia is famous for its excellent ecology. This makes it one of the healthiest countries in the world. Clean air, clean ocean, clean food.

Australia is multicultural. You will always be welcome – every fourth Australian was born outside of Australia.

Australia’s nickname is the “Land of Oz” – a magical land of happiness. In the international index of happiness, Australia consistently occupies the top spots.

Australia is a country for business. Its unique business support programs, well-functioning government system allow you to implement any project.

Australia is a safe country. A ban on the free carry of weapons was introduced here several decades ago.

Australia has the highest level of healthcare. With a world leading free public health system.

Australia is located across several climate zones. Therefore, you can choose the weather to your liking – from hot tropics to snow-capped mountains.

Australia is part of the British Commonwealth. The head of state is the Queen of Great Britain. Therefore, there are strong cultural, educational and scientific ties with the entire English-speaking world, and the best British traditions.

Australia is a giant nature reserve. Magnificent snow-white beaches, unique national parks, rare animals, and a rich aquatic world make the country an important tourist destination.

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