Our Services

Financial and Investment Consulting

We develop unique solutions, taking into account the individual needs of each client, based on their experience and knowledge.

We use an individual approach and find the most effective solutions for each case.

  • Working together with you on your idea and concept
  • Analysis and study of the demand for the service / product in the Australian market
  • Assessment of the competitive environment
  • Creating an investment strategy, taking into account individual preferences and timing, as well as the acceptable degree of risk.
  • Determination of a set of investment instruments, in accordance with the chosen strategy
  • Market growth forecast
  • Business planning

Business Support

We can assist with:

  • Preparing a business plan
  • Opening a company
  • Networking with local investors, banks, business support agencies
  • Applying for benefits, subsidies under government programs to promote business development
  • Short listing suitable assets
  • Identifying all possible financing sources
  • Negotiating with banks and other financing organizations. If necessary, we can negotiate with sellers
  • Conducting ongoing monitoring of results
  • If necessary, we take over the functions of a project manager, or a management company

Purchasing a business

One of the best options to quickly enter the Australian market.

We can assist with:

  • Choosing the right business
  • Making a quality audit and due diligence checks
  • Developing a corporate structure for the acquisition, that reduces risks when purchasing
  • Preparing a strategic plan for development after purchase
  • Leading negotiations with banks that could provide loans for further business development
  • Helping in selection of employees, top managers, contractors (if required)

Immigration and Visas

We will help you develop the best solution for obtaining a visa, permanent residence or citizenship.

We will make certain that your business interests align with the requirements from the Department of Immigration.

We will help you choose the optimal immigration pathway.

We are able to organize support from a verified and accredited immigration agent.

If necessary, we will select the best language courses, professional colleges or universities for you and your family, providing you with the support that you need.

Let's work together!