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Australian Visas

Investment into Australia with the goal of obtaining citizenship can be roughly divided into “investment” and “business” visa pathways.

Visas allow the applicant and his family members to obtain permanent residence after meeting certain conditions.

Visa applications are initially made to the state where you want to live. Your business must be located in the specified state, in practice you can live in another.

There are no English language requirements.

Below we have provided a short overview of business visas, for a general understanding of the requirements:

"Investment Visas"

Main criteria for eligibility:

Investor 1.5

AU $ 1.5 million
– proven experience in business or investment management
– combined family assets of at least AU $ 2.5 million, which were gained as a result of your business or investment activities.
– AU $ 1.5 million of which, you must be ready to invest in government bonds for a period of 4 years
– the funds can be withdrawn after 4 years.
– must live in Australia for a total of 2 years out of 4, to apply for a permanent residence.

Investor 5.0

AU $ 5 million

– combined family assets of at least AU $ 5 million, which the applicant is willing to invest in a portfolio of assets on the Australian stock market for a period of 4 years.
– you (or your spouse) must be in Australia 40 days a year, or 180 days in one year immediately before applying for permanent residence.

Investor 15

AU $ 15 million

– combined family assets of at least AU $ 15,000,000.
– must be ready to invest them in projects or companies in Australia for a period of at least one year. After a year, you can apply for permanent residence.

"Business Visas"

Business talent

– have experience in managing a business. The annual turnover of the business must be at least AU $ 3 million.
– combined family assets, including business, must not be less than AU $ 1.5 million.
– with this visa, you will immediately receive permanent residence (for 5 years), after 5 years, permanent residence is extended or you can apply for citizenship if you have not left the country for more than 12 months. in the last 4 years.

Business innovation

– have experience in business management. Annual turnover of your business must not be less than AU $ 500,000.
– combined family assets of at least AU $ 800,000.
– you can apply for permanent residence after 1 year of continuous residence (or stay in the country for at least 12 months during the last two years).

Business owner

– create and submit a business plan.
– be nominated by an Australian state or territory.
– be under 55 years of age.
– be the owner of at least 30% of a business with a turnover of more than AU $ 400,000 or at least 51% with a turnover of less than AU $ 400,000, or 10% in the case when the company is public and its shares are traded on the stock exchange.
– net assets must be at least AU $ 800,000 for the application period, without requiring an immediate transfer of assets to Australia. A prerequisite is the willingness to transfer money to the country within 2 years after receiving the visa.
– direct participation in business management, working as an employee of your Australian business must take at least 50% of your working time.

Venture Entrepreneur Program:

– receive funding for your project from an Australian venture fund.
– the size of investments cannot be less than AU$ 1 million.
– the Australian venture fund must be part of the Australian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (AVCAL).

For a more detailed advice on obtaining business visas, we advise that you get in touch with an immigration agent, recommended by us.

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