Where to invest?

You capital should work for you, generating income. You can invest funds in yourself, your family, in real estate, stock market, bank deposits and of course into your dreams.

The ultimate goal, is for the investment to provide benefits. So it is important to decide in the beginning what results you want to achieve.

  • Increasing or preserving your capital
  • Immigration or citizenship
  • Venture

Investment in Australia

  • 28 years of continuous economic growth
  • 14th largest economy in the world (AAA rating)
  • Stable economic, financial and political environment
  • High degree of investor protection, an independent judiciary and a historically developed business sector
  • Highly educated, multilingual and multicultural workforce with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • A robust startup ecosystem with strong competencies in areas such as agtech, edtech, fintech, foodtech and medtech

Investment in the city of Gold Coast

  • The city of Gold Coast is Australia’s sixth largest and fastest growing city and is a global hub for international tourism
  • The city development plan is updated every 3 years, opening up opportunities for land banking. The average YoY price increase in areas inland from the coast was 6.7% in 2019
  • International education sector reached USD 1 Billion in 2019
  • The food processing sector reached 1.5 billion USD, of which 464 million USD were from export activities
  • The city was visited by 1.1 million international tourists in 2019 (growth of 3.8% per year), and 4.17 million domestic tourists (growth of 18.5% per year)
  • Tourists spent a total of $ 3.4 billion USD (growth of 16.1% per year) in 2018

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